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The Open-Source Leg

NSF NRI CMMI-17345886

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Simple, Portable, Scalable, and Economic

Unifying the fragmented field of prosthetic hardware design and control

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Facilitates Clinical Testing

Streamlining the field towards highly functional robotic prosthetic legs.

The overarching purpose of this project is to unite a fragmented field—research in prosthetic hardware design, prosthetic control, and amputee biomechanics is currently done in silos. Each researcher develops their own robotic leg system on which to test their control strategies or biomechanical hypotheses. This may be successful in the short term since each researcher produces publications and furthers knowledge. However, in the long term, this fragmented research approach hinders results from impacting the lives of individuals with disabilities—culminating in an overarching failure of the field to truly have the impact that motivated it.

We invite students just starting their journey in the field of prosthetics, engineers seeking to apply their skills to make a real-world impact, and researchers aiming to advance the state of the art to join our dedicated community. By participating in our open-source leg project, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Together, we can drive groundbreaking advancements in prosthetics and empower countless individuals worldwide to overcome their challenges and embrace new possibilities!