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This procedure is performed on the ankle battery housing – the same procedure can be used to wire the battery connector for the knee.

For this procedure, you’ll need the following items as shown in Fig X:

  • Two copper wire spools (red and black) of size 16
  • Female XT30 connector (check Dephy actuator to confirm you’ll solder the proper connector side)
  • Dephy battery connector (the red connector shown in Fig 1). Please contact Dephy to purchase this item.
  • Ankle battery housing
  • Two Black-Oxide, M2 x 0.4 mm Thread, 8 mm Long

Fig 1. Required items to wire the battery connector.

Before starting to solder the wires into the battery connector, it’s important to insert  both wires through the wire routing hole to the side of the battery connector as shown in Fig. 2.

Fig 2. Both wires need to be inserted inside the wire routing hole on the side of the ankle battery housing.

Now, locate the “+” and “- “signs on the connector. You’ll need to solder to these two holes. Red goes to the “+” hole and black goes to the “- “one.

Important: the wires need to stick from the marked side to the unmarked side as shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3. The direction of the wires (from marked side to unmarked side). Ignore the glue on the connector for now.

Grab the two ends of the wire spools that are inserted through the battery housing and insert some short shrink wraps into the wires then start the soldering process. See Solder Through-hole Components for info on how to solder. Once done soldering, apply heat on the shrink wraps using a heat gun as a proper way to insolate the exposed parts of the wires.

Very important: make sure once you’re done soldering you have clean solder and that the wire is only touching the through-hole it’s soldered to. If the wire touches any other holes on the connector board, damage will occur to the battery (we lost one expensive Dephy battery due to this). Once done soldering, please use hot glue as shown in Fig 3 and 4 to make sure the wires don’t touch anything as they’re being strained once you start installing the connector to the housing.

Fig. 4. Hot glue applied to both sides of the connector as an electric isolator.

Once done, you can start bolting the connector into the ankle battery housing as shown in Fig. 5. (Bolts should make their own threads into the plastic housing).

Fig 5. The Dephy battery connector bolted to the battery housing (bolts should make their own threads into the plastic housing).

Once done, install the battery housing on the ankle to mark the length of the wires needed to plug in the XT30 connector into the Dephy actuator as shown in Fig. 6.

Fig. 6. Battery housing installed on to measure the length of wire needed before soldering the XT30 connector.

Once you cut the wires to size, start soldering the wires to the XT30 connectors (Red to the positive “+” side and black to the negative “- “side). See how Soldering XT30 connectors.